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"The clergy of the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America (OCCA) are a diverse group of men and women who have responded to a calling into sacramental ministry in a myriad of settings which include parishes, hospitals, nursing homes, jails and prisons, spirituality centers, monasteries, social centers, home chapels, etc. Our common task is to live within the Great Orthodox Tradition in an American way, praying for one another and ministering the Holy Mysteries to people who find themselves hungry for God and have yet to be welcomed at the Holy Table. We count the beginning of our autocephalous church to be January 1, 1910."
      (-- From the Sanctoral Cycle of The Orthodox-Catholic Church of America)

Let yourself be persecuted but do not persecute others; be crucified but do not crucify others; be insulted but do not insult others; be slandered but do not slander others. Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Such is the sign of purity. Suffer with the sick. Be afflicted with sinners. Exult with those who repent. Be the friend of all. But in your spirit remain alone....Spread your cloak over anyone who falls into sin and shield him. And if you cannot take his fault on yourself and accept punishment in his place, do not destroy his character. (-- St. Isaac of Nineveh)

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