The Orthodox American

The Newsletter of the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America

The Orthodox American is one of several communication tools used within the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America. It is published quarterly and mailed out to all canonical clergy of the jurisdiction. The clergy can then print and distribute copies to their parishes/communities/ministries. The main purpose of the newsletter is to provide the clergy, parishes/communities/ministries, and lay members news about what is happening around the jurisdiction. It is also published on the jurisdiction's web site to share with the world what is happening within the jurisdiction. The on-line copy does remove phone numbers and email addresses. This information can be found else where within this web site if you need it.

In order to read the newsletter, which is published as a PDF, you will need Adobe Reader on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it at the Adobe Web Site for free.

Note: A new window will open to load the newsletter.

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